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flower garden with stone edger design

About Us


Make-A-Garden is a New York City licensed & insured home improvement and landscaping company specialized in home, yard, and land improvement. We are committed to environmental protection and conservation. Our work is performed extensively by hand, and our services involves the use of natural materials as much as is possible. However, we understand that for serious reasons such as durability, safety, and beauty, the use of other materials may be advisable. 

We are also committed to our customers. The work we perform and the price we charge must be an exchange of reasonable value, but the customer must get the grater benefit at all times. Likewise, the work we perform and the service we provide must meet the customer's particular need and should always exceed the customer's expectations because we are the professional that's entrusted with the customers decision not do it themselves, and to have us do it instead. This is a very serious responsibility, one which we never take lightly.  

We are committed to working for our customers like it is working for ourselves. This statement was not said by us; actually, we are copying statements made by many of our customers (so in a sense we are guilty of plagiarism). 

Our services don't end here,  we try to take it further. When we work and get paid, we take some of the proceeds to undeserved communities. We invest in economically deprived neighborhood. We embark on community renewal services. We identify land lots and old buildings that are filled with rodents, domestic refuse, and possibly toxic materials and restore those to clean and lovely areas in the community. 

We promote uses of non-cement pave stone driveways, pathways, patios, retainers, and install natural grass lawns instead of artificial turf lawns. We promote sod installation to minimize the exposure naked soil, and we plant trees to improve the vegetative growth of natural leaves that help clean the air and prevent extensive soil erosion.

We promote family home natural wood privacy fences.  These fences are necessary to help limit the feeding of rodents, and increase the safety of families, homes, and yards by improving privacy and helping to reduce crime.

Our outdoor services are centered around home, yard, and garden such as sod installed lawns and soil treatments; tree management and general garden services; yard upgrades; stonework patios, driveways, and pathway/walkways; modern wood fences and decks; custom-made sheds, gazebos, and pergolas; retainer walls; and all other home improvement and landscaping services not listed here above. 

What We Provide:

We Provide Landscaping Services And All Required Materials

  • Natural Grass Sod for Best Lawns
  • Plants Shrubs
  • Trees
  • Mulch
  • Composts
  • Topsoil for Great Gardens and Tree Management Projects
  • Stones
  • Pavers
  • Gravel
  • Sand for Choice Patios
  • Driveways and Pathways
  • Stones and Edgings for Retainer Walls
  • Decorative Structural Landscape or Designs
  • Other Construction Materials, Such As Boards, Lumber, and More for Decks, Planters, and Related Outdoor Living Space Projects 

We Are Working Toward a Greener Community, One Home At A Time

Make-A-Garden undertakes other land, ground, and soil management projects such as grading, re-sloping, and minimal topographic alteration and or redesign. We support and have embarked on promoting home and environmental improvement projects in lower socioeconomic communities in New York City and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Our strategy is to reinvest our successes and investment resources in socioeconomic deprived communities to impact the vision of a better world for all and for a more natural and greener environment that will promote a greater quality of life for our children.

Delivering High-Quality Results 

Our work quality standard is high, but we continue to strive for even greater attainable qualities. Our passion is customer satisfaction derived from optimum applicable desired style, taste, beauty, and choice. As a result, we have earned and continue to earn great ratings and reviews from our customers. What would we do or can we do without them?

Let’s Work Together 

Inquire About Our Services 

Make-A-Garden would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and satisfaction.

You may call, text, or email our field projects operations manager, Clement Austrie, or fill out our form for service request via email. And thank you.

Plant Care and Landscaping Services



* The estimate offer applies only to residential property project customers (third parties, contractors, commercial projects not included). Free Consultations appliy to Make-A-Garden customers only; Free Cuts relates to free labor only - use of vehicle and supplies charged   

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