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Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

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Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

Make-A-Garden, LLC (hereafter as also Make-A-Garden,, Makers Group Contracting,, us, our) collects Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for the purpose of conducting contractual business transaction in compliance with applicable laws, and to facilitate us in processing payments for services we perform. The information you give us may be limited to only contact information such as your name, home address, email address, telephone number and payment processing information (not on or through our website) if we perform services for you. Other uses your personal information may be used for applicable legal processes as relevant to, or required by, conducting any related legal duties in compliance with applicable laws.

How We Use Your Information

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is used by Make-A-Garden only for the purpose that the individual or customer has consented to, or for which implied consent were given. The use of PII is to identify, communicate, and conduct Make-A-Garden, LLC contracted business, and necessary legal matters as applicable within the legal requirements jurisdictions of the State and or Federal laws. Make-A-Garden does not and can not share, give, or exchange your information outside legal compliance. Your information is kept confidential as required by applicable laws. The security, privacy, and confidentiality provisions of your information given to us are our highest responsibility and a safety and security priority matter.

Terms of Service

Introduction to Our Services and our Terms Of Service Summery 

A broader and more detailed contract-specific Terms of Service version is outlined our 3-pag Project Contract. Make-A-Garden, LLC is in the business of providing home improvement services with greater emphasis placed on urban outdoor living space and landscaping work such as lawns, patios, outdoor kitchens and stonework; driveways, pathways, and gardens, along tree management projects. These services consist of the supply and installation of grass sod (lawn grass), land clearing and yard cleanup; tree and shrub planting and management; stone, pavers, bricks and the like placements and design. Other related work as outlined in our contract documents may be applicable as requested by our customers. 

Our sod installation work operation (lawn creation) is conducted in a three-phase process in general. However one or more phases may be considered and ordered. Each phase has a separate cost and or price. The customer must identify the work needed and select the phases needed. We require the customer to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions in the contract Terms of Service before indicating what service(s) to be ordered. Additional or incidental work such as tree and shrub removal services, application of mulch, and material transportation costs are optional and are charged separately (see our contract documents for more information).  

natural sod grass lawn install

Accepting The Terms and Conditions 

By indicating on the Contracted Work Form (hard copy) the service(s) desired, the customer or property owner states that the property at the customer above address is his or hers or that he or she has legal rights or access to the land or property in question; and that the terms and conditions herein are understood; and that the job phase service is understood and accepted; and that such acceptance is understood and agreed to by the customer or property owner as meaning that he or she will be liable for the job completion total cost which the customer and or property owner has accepted to be reasonable, and that the dollar figure presented herein is right and correct for the indicated service(s) and completed as outlined by each phase listed in the contract.


The customer therefore agrees to pay in full the incurred cost(s) on or before the completion of any one phase. The form of payment can be in one form, or a combination of forms such as of cash, money order, credit card or check as agreed to by the Make-A-Garden Contractor. And that all payments in full are final with no refunds as long as the job per phase as ordered in the contract (proof of order shown by the customer’s signature and or other marks as stated or provided for in the contract) was performed and completed by Make-A-Garden Contractor.

The Customer's Responsibility 

The customer understands that he or she has full responsibility for caring and or maintaining the growth and development of the grass lawn, and or garden; and that Make-A-garden or its Contractor is not liable for failed growth and or development of all or part of the grass lawn or plants if caused by failed efforts to properly care same. For example, adequate watering of the grass and or plants is critically important and therefore highly recommended. Watering instructions are in our contract document. 

Your new lawn must not be walked upon heavily during the first three weeks. As much as is possible, animal pets, humans, wild animals, and all other objects and activities (other than or except for watering the grass) should be kept away from your new sodded lawn during the first three weeks of sod installation. You the customer understands that grass sod and other planted materials are live, sensitive, frail, and require appropriate care to stay alive and grow successfully.

Make-A-Garden's Commitments 

Make-A-Garden will work with the customer to ensure the growth of the lawn.

Make-A-Garden instructs the application of water three, two and once in the first, second, and third week respectively following grass sod installation. Make-A-Garden may also offer other free lawn care advice and make field visits (up to two visits) within the first month if necessary and requested by the customer following the contracted project completion by Make-A-Garden so as to assists the customer in identifying basic grass or plants needs, and the apropriate action that may be taken.

Make-A-Garden may restore dried parts or sections of the sod installed if dried within three weeks following sod installation, and if the customer followed Make-A-Garden's first three-week newly installed sod watering instructions completely.

Make-A-Garden may also offer free consultation to its customers in the continued care of the grass lawn in general, However, the customer is always solely responsible for the complete care and maintenance of the new grass lawn.

Plant Care and Landscaping Services



* The estimate offer applies only to residential property project customers (third parties, contractors, commercial projects not included). Free Consultations appliy to Make-A-Garden customers only; Free Cuts relates to free labor only - use of vehicle and supplies charged   

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